Steps Tips For Writing a Book Report

6 Elementary Steps for Writing an Effective Book Report

Every student will be definitely assigned to complete a book report at some point in his/her academic life. This is not difficult task helps students to improve their critical thinking and reading comprehension skills. If you’re seating and thinking now: “Who would write my paper for me?” Throw away those unnecessary thoughts because you can easily cope with this task all by yourself just following 6 steps given below.

  1.  Choose the book you’re interested in

There are two variants: you will be given the specific book or you’ll be allowed to pick one that really interests you. Remember, you’re going to spend a lot of time working with this masterpiece, so select the book that you definitely want to write about. Maybe it is difficult for you to determine which genre to choose, then you can ask your friends or parents to recommend you something. Don’t give up because the most curious things are ahead.

  1. Read the book

It’s time to postpone all your affairs and start reading the book that you’ve chosen. Are you agree with me that there is nothing better than to read the book in its entirety? If you’ve decided to read the summery, then bear in mind, you can miss some important details that take place in the story. Yes, summaries are useful but only in case when you forget some elements of the book that you need.

  1. Take notes while reading

It’ll be good for you to write down anything that you find important and interesting in the story, especially if you are going to write the report at a later date. There are margins where you can make the comments. Highlight and underline everything that you consider is necessary. You’ll have less work to do when you sit down to fulfill the report.

  1. Complete your paper gradually

To eschew the procrastination you can split your assignment into three sections. Read the first three or five chapters and stop to write about the main characters, the setting, two or more significant scenes at the beginning of the book and the main conflict. Then read the middle chapters of the story and stop to describe the most important scenes. Finish your report writing about the resolution and climax which you may find in the last few chapters.  Doing everything step by step will help you manage the task more easily.

  1. Proofread the draft

You have to carefully check your report for all possible grammar, spelling and stylistic mistakes. Pay special attention to the right word choice and sentence structure. You may ask the parents or friends to verify the writing to be surer that everything is well-done. Seek for some advice on writing style. Before to submit the paper, convince yourself that you’ve spelled the names of the author and the characters properly.

  1. Start doing the main job – Book Report

We recommend you to read the whole book but please don’t wait until last minute. It’s too hard and stressful to prepare a report in a few days. If you begin just when the project is given, you’ll have two or more weeks to finish. Instead of going out with the friends, you may do short 20-minute reading break every day.